Who We Are

Best served with a story

The best drinks are served up with a story as distinctive as your own. For nearly 20 years, Vine Lore has represented wineries, distilleries and breweries with independent spirits and unique points of view. We are a locally-owned alcoholic beverage brokerage, made up of knowledgeable educators and passionate advocates for food and wine culture in the Mountain West.

At Vine Lore we believe that wine isn’t just for fancy people, and should never be boring. That spirits are only as interesting as the makers who craft them. And that a great drink should be complex, not complicated. Our team curates a diverse and delicious portfolio of independent labels with stories worth sharing. When you choose a Vine Lore bottle at a state liquor store, a local restaurant or a private event, you know you’re drinking something special.

The Team

Vine Lore is a locally-owned fine wine and craft spirits brokerage & non-alcoholic beverage distributor made up of passionate advocates and knowledgeable educators dedicated to bringing the best in wine and spirits to Utah.

The team is led by Tracey Thompson President & CEO.  

Tracey has been navigating the complexities of Utah's wine and spirits industry for close to 20 years.  Her passion for curating a portfolio specializing in family-owned wineries and craft distilleries with a sense of place and story to tell coupled with her commitment to building a team with passion and integrity and has catapulted Vine Lore to be recognized as the leader in Utah's world of wine and spirits.